The Studio at Climber's Rock is a Registered Yoga School with the globally recognized Yoga Alliance.

Our yoga teacher training program is unique, not only in format, but also with our content. We aim to provide cutting edge information on kinematics and biomechanics of the body based on the most current research. We don't supply a one-size-fits all approach to yoga; we look at how the body moves, then we look at the ways in which our individual differences influence and affect not only yoga asana, but movement in general.

Our YTT mission is to learn to teach the person not the pose.

Ten core modules are designed in such a way that they can be taken out of order or started at any time; however, if you choose to complete the whole 200hr program from start to finish, you can see that we begin with our foundation -- the lower body -- and continue to move up the body. Similarly, we begin the study of the history of yoga which is broken into the different time periods: from the Vedic Period to the Modern Era of Yoga. Most importantly, our purpose is to answer the question of WHY is this subject important? Why should we care? What is the relevance of this history to us today?

Although not specifically listed in each module's description, we will focus on sequencing, propping, modifying, and teaching each other in every module in order to find your voice and develop the necessary skills required to teach effectively.

Lead Trainer, Maria Richardson is a lifelong student of yoga. She has had the good fortune to study and practice with many yoga teachers over the past 20 years, each of whom has helped deepen her practice, as well as develop her skill set as a teacher. She has studied anatomy, kinesiology, educational theory, and curriculum development with an emphasis on education. She completed a BA in Health Sciences and worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant until she became an Exercise Therapist working with various populations in a hospital setting. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Addiction and worked as a therapist in various settings including hospitals, schools, treatment centres, prisons, and community centres with people of all ages and backgrounds. After a career change, Maria completed her law degree and worked as a military prosecutor for the U.S. Air Force. When she returned home after a deployment to Baghdad, Iraq, her and her husband decided to make a life change and move to Burlington, ON to open Climber's Rock in 2008.

Maria will be joined by other instructors and professionals in their respective fields to add breadth to Climber's Rock's YTT program in areas such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Special Populations, Energetics, and Subtle Anatomy. Also unique to our program is the ability for our students to round out their study of yoga by taking a minimum of 20 hours of electives. Electives in the form of workshops are offered throughout the year on various subjects generally held on the weekends. Students will be able to choose from these elective workshops on various subjects such as partner yoga, energetics, acupressure, nutrition, ayurveda, advanced practices, pre-natal, to name a few.